De Chazelle Demi-Sec Litchi NV 75CL

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Tasting Notes:

De Chazelle, aromatized sparkling wine based drink, produced in France, is theoutcome of a secondary fermentation in closed vats. The effervescence results from a fermentation by seeding selected yeasts and with a control of temperatures. Then, the sparkling wine is aromatizedwith natural lychee aroma. The addition of the shipping liquor is realized during the bottling process with cold temperatures and a minimum SO2 level. Packaged in clear bottle (550gr) with natural cork. De Chazelle is characterized by a fine and long-lived effervescence with a creamy foam. With a light yellow color, the nose is clear and fruity and releases natural lychee aroma. Well balanced with a perfect roundness at the palate. To be served chilled.

Region: Bordeaux, France

ABV: 6%